The Unique Benefits of Veneers

How your dentist can help you obtain a dream smile. 

Wondering about whether your smile could benefit from dental veneers? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Having provided dental care to the Wilsonville, OR, area for more than 15 years, dentist Dr. Yan Morissey prides herself on creating the highest-quality cosmetic restorations so that patients can finally have the beautiful set of teeth they’ve always wanted.

Thin porcelain shells that are adhered permanently to the front of one or more teeth, dental veneers can completely mask aesthetic flaws to improve your smile’s look. Here are some of the benefits of this premier cosmetic treatment:

They mimic real tooth enamel

Veneers are made from medical-grade porcelain, which reflects light in the same way that natural teeth do. Additionally, the porcelain that is used to create your veneers will be matched to your smile for a seamless appearance.

They can strengthen teeth

While veneers are placed for purely cosmetic reasons, they do have the ability to strengthen teeth by adding an additional layer of protection and support. So, if teeth have been worn down by year of grinding (but you have the issue under control now) then veneers could actually strengthen your teeth.

Enjoy a stain-resistant smile

Another issue that many people worry about is keeping their teeth white and free of stains. Of course, everything from the natural effects of aging to the foods we eat can easily cause nasty yellowing and discolorations; however, porcelain veneers are stain-resistant. This means that you can enjoy that morning cup of coffee and your favorite foods without worrying that your veneers are going to turn yellow.

They hide a variety of imperfections

If you are dealing with defects or flaws that affect the overall color, shape, size, or appearance of your teeth, then you may be a great candidate for veneers. These porcelain shells cover the entire front surface of your teeth, hiding all of those imperfections while also helping to give you a perfectly symmetrical smile.

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